About New Vertical Technologies

New Vertical Technologies is a Maryland based company with customers in the federal government, local industry, medicine and serving many other verticals of business such as law firms, accounting firms financial planners, and architectural firms.

New Vertical specializes in the delivery of technical services, upgrades, monitoring and maintenance of workstations, servers and cloud services. New Vertical Technologies offers a host of solutions for small to larger companies. Each business process and approach is unique, and many software systems can be configured to meet the need. Our specialized verticals include:

  • Retail (Inventory and Reporting)
  • Accountant and Law Firm Software
  • Hospitality Industry Solutions
  • Private Practice and Group Practice Physicians
  • Healthcare Support Systems
  • Industrial and Commercial IT Services
  • Government Software, Solutions and Support

CEO - Robert Chumley

Robert has been innovating technology solutions for 20+ years and is laser focused on enabling business growth through technical innovation.