Web and Mobile Apps

Our process for software development hones in on your vision of company, and how it should run. Our goal is to grasp your unique business and processes, and consult on how software technologies can improve workflow and performance, and implement solutions to advance you to that vision. We take a thorough look at your business needs and work with you and your team to construct the exact software bridges that your business needs.

We build our web portals with modern technology ensuring they are compatible with all browsers and devices. Web portals can be great bridges as they can connect users with your products in real-time. This means that inventory operations can happen in a smooth way and you never need to fear that information on any web systems you use are incorrect.

Mobile apps are a great place to reap the benefit of a software bridge. These systems are built in a way that changes require re-deploying an app to the masses on every software change. A software bridge can provide a stable integration point to the world where previous points did not exist. This means app development becomes much more strait forward.

Integrations / APIs

Modern business requires the use of multiple tools to operate business day to day. We reduce lost time by syncing all your platforms together in real-time so all your data is in one place. We provide better solutions to connect your data points, joining your systems, streamlining your business processes.

Most software system build integration points called APIs. These APIs are represented in standard ways for developers to gain access. The companies may not heavily promote these services as they are rarely used on many platforms. We can take advantage of this effort by the development team and allow our software to streamline the connection to that system. This opens many doors that previously did not exist.

Analysis / Reporting

We work with you to reveal how to get the information you may need from your data, gaining you valuable insights so you can make important business decisions, and share with collaborators and/or partners. We can add valuable dashboards containing reports, add reports to existing systems, and incorporate business intelligence.


One key aspect for all businesses these days is having a reliable and effective website. We can help design and deliver a secure and reliable website for any type of business. We can take your existing website and make it better, or start from scratch and get you going.

Technology Consulting

We can provide general technology and cloud consulting to support your organization's needs. Our team has worked extensively with on prem data centers, AWS Cloud services and Microsoft Azure services on many projects. We can provide a wide array of technology services, including major cloud migrations, database migrations, disaster recovery, and disaster planning.

Retail Consulting

While we have a heavy technical background, our team has also worked extensively with retail organizations, including those spread across mediums like Shopify while still managing a brick and mortar store. We can help you enhance your overall architecture, data and inventory planning, and purchasing and invoicing.